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Meal Prep = Money Saved


A lunch salad at one of my favorite local chains costs $12. That’s a salad made in an assembly line and given to you in a bag to-go. I use to visit that place and several restaurants every day of the week for lunch AND dinner for everyday roots book. How much do you think I was spending on food? (Answer: a heck of a lot).

Luckely, I discovered food prep. I originally bought pre-prepped foods from a local store, which I still visit from time to time. But then, one day, I thought to myself…I can do this. So everyday roots book review, I went to the Dollar General and got food storage containers for a $1 and the rest is history.

You want proof that food prep saves money? Well, this week I prepared food for four lunches (Monday – Thursday, I treat myself to eating out on Friday). I chose my menu (sweet potato topped with quinoa, chicken and avacado with broccoli on the side), made my list and hit the store of everyday roots book pdf.


4 small sweet potatoes ($1.63)

3 avocados ($1.74)

1 lemon pepper rotisserie chicken ($4.98)

quinoa (already has some)

1 head of broccoli ($1.98)

Four lunches cost me a total of $10.33 ($2.58 per lunch) and about an hour and a half of prep time.  A crispy $10 bill compared to four lunches out at local restaurants that would cost a minimum of $12 per lunch (totaling $48), fuel costs if you have to drive, and the possibility of limiting your healthy food options.

Give food prep a try. It will save you money (and time in the long run), you’ll know exactly what’s in your food and your waistline will thank you.



What Does Your Fruit/Veggie Bowl Look Like?

Fill your fruit and veggie bowls full of deliciously colorful items and set it in an area you pass frequently. This will encourage you to grab a piece of fruit for a snack or make delightful dishes with the veggies. Challenge yourself to buy one exotic or new fruit/veggie during each grocery store trip. Google a recipe and take a stab at preparing it. Start with jicama!


I Love Gum


Quick tip of the day: If you’re like me….then you love gum. I love chewing gum, I love the taste of gum, and…I just love gum. Most gums say “sugar free” which may be true. But generally there is some artificial sweeter hidden in there to take sweet lady sugar’s place.

Well, if you want a truly sugar free and all natural chewing gum try Spry. It’s sweetened with Stevia (a plant) and tastes great. You can find it at While Foods or any healthy foods store. My favorite flavor is the green tea. Like everything else healthy, it’s likely a bit more expensive than your favorite brand but it’s worth the buy. Enjoy.

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Gun Dog Signs

Naming Your Home:

for you self builders out there, you are in a privileged position with cat Spraying No More Reviews. you have sat down for hours no doubt with your chosen architect. you have had the final say in room layouts, landscaping, even positioning of lights and fixtures.

from the outset you will more than likely have had a name for your new home. “stone cottage”, “meadow view” or maybe even “the shambles”.

how did you come up with the name you chose?

is it because of the setting? for example “meadow view” could be very appropriate if the house is indeed facing a meadow or over looking one.

sometimes house names are chosen because of family tradition, a hobby (“the stables” perhaps) or even a favorite novel may inspire your choice of house name.

whatever name your dream home was given from the start, the house then takes on the personality of this name. it becomes at one with the house name. you then take on a responsibility as the designer, the developer and the one who is going to enjoy this home for many years for Cat Spraying No More.

this house is hopefully going to be in your family for generations to come. the responsibility is yours to choose a house sign that not only does your home justice, but that won’t need replacing every 3 or 4 years.

our signs are beautiful and weatherproof. but we also like to give a helping hand with the design if required. we can produce artwork for specific requirements, and make sure that this house sign / address plaque really does your front door justice with Cat Spraying.

ask yourself, in 50 years, do you want the name of your home to be forgotten? a meager whisper of what it used to be. or would you prefer the name to be sat proud next to your front door, or on your iron gates for a lifetime?

Country living with the family :

whilst we love our company, our work and producing beautiful and individual house signs, our absolute passion is being with our families in the countryside.

deciding to get our gun dog earlier this year was more about lifestyle than just getting a pet. the lifestyle is being in the hills, the country and local woodland pretty much every day. the open spaces. amazing smells and wildlife.

i personally love bird watching and whilst i am no bill oldie, i really enjoy looking at and enjoying bird watching and wildlife. i have seen absolutely tonnes more wildlife since we got our dog (Nola) simply because i am outside a lot more regularly.

walking the dog is also great for unwinding after a day behind the computer or in the workshop, and helps to take your mind off customers (although we love them!!), orders and designs.

one thing that most of us take for granted is the lovely scenery around us in Yorkshire. it is all good and well looking at the fields from behind a steering wheel, but to actually get out and explore is great. putting on them old wellies and finding new public footpaths we just wouldn’t ordinarily notice or have found. stumbling upon a lovely little bench overlooking what can only be described as wildlife sanctuaries hidden in the depths of local woodland.

as a family we have found a great route local to us that takes in a woodland trail, open moorland, a hill climb and a duck pond…just to name a few things. Nola the office dog loves this trail, and she is quickly becoming a great tracking dog, taking in all of the wildlife. we have spotted 100’s of rabbits and other farm animals so Nola loves the smells.

i have attached 2 photos from our last walk at the weekend, see if you can spot the office gun dog in the second picture. let us know what your favorite walks are!!